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5 Most Useful RAM Mounts

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RAM Mounts are highly efficient and functional when it comes to mounting solutions for your vehicles. Not only are they sturdy, but they also offer a wide variety of choices. Almost all the parts are interchangeable and you can always customize which ones to use with each other.

Some RAM mounting options have proven to be more popular than others and here are the ones that are usually sought after by RAM Mount customers.

The ball and socket mounts are a crowd favorite for RAM Mount users. They are flexible and can be paired with a lot of mounting option in the market. The 1” B Size balls can support devices of up to 5lbs. And as the size of the ball gets bigger, so does the weight capacity it can carry. The E size balls can carry devices of up to 20lbs. These RAM ball and mount sockets are used for enterprise and heavy-duty purposes.

What sets this mount apart is the spring-loaded function. This RAM mount allows the users to slide their phones into the holder and take it back out with just one hand. This used to be intended for PDAs, but after some time, its purpose has evolved and is now a sturdy and steady phone mount.

This add-on accessory allows users to mount two different devices on one RAM mounting system. Instead of tightening the other side of the base mount with a hex bolt, you can replace the belt with another B Ball. Aside from devices, it can also be used to mount cup holders and other items that you want to be accessible whenever you’re driving.

With this adapter, users can extend their RAM mounts. You can put two bases on each side to make your mount longer. It can also be used for other purposes such as connecting two mounts that have the same ends.

The triple ball adapter is the same as the double ball adapter that can extend your RAM mount or connect two mounts with the same ends. However, it has three balls to allow you to attach an additional mount.


All these RAM mounting solutions help make your experience better. They can be used for driving, fishing, camping, warehousing, fleets, and other applications.

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