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Travel Tips: Best Car Phone Holders from RAM Mounts

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These phone holders are guaranteed to keep you driving safely hands-free while on the road.

Smartphones, no matter how strongly they’re positioned to be a gadget of productivity, are also becoming a source of distraction for their users. With the number of things, we can do on our phone, a single notification can make our eyes shift from the road to our phone. This is where car phone mounts act as an essential to a motorist’s daily drive. Governments are now limiting what you can do with your phone while driving. One of the common restrictions is that you’re not allowed to text and drive. Governments are also requiring drivers to place your phone in a position that doesn’t obstruct the view while driving. With the right phone mount, you can listen to your favourite Spotify playlist and use your GPS without breaking any road laws. Plus, with a phone cradle, you don’t need to worry about your phone dropping at the slightest bumps on the road.

Luckily, there are phone holders from RAM Mounts that do more than just hold your phone securely on the road. RAM Mounts has designed mounting solutions for any application and vehicle. Their phone mounts feature an interchangeable mounting solution that includes other features such as charging.

RAM® Tough-Charge™ Waterproof Wireless Charging Suction Cup Mount (RAM-B-166-UN12W)

One of the latest mounting solutions from RAM Mounts is the Tough-Charge range. This solution features waterproof wireless charging phone mounts. The phone cradle is designed with X-Grip technology which expands and contracts to secure any phone.  It’s compatible with multiple devices including the Apple iPhone 11 series and Samsung Galaxy S21 range. You don’t have to worry about dropping your phone on bumpy roads because the X-Grip cradle features 4 rubber-coated arms that securely holds your device.
This phone mount is also suitable for different outdoor applications and weather conditions. You can mount your phone on your car, boat, kayak, and more without the fear of damages from water splashes. The wireless charging output is compatible with 5W, 7.5W, and 10W. It might be pricier than the usual phone holder, but its features make it worth the price. Just take note that this phone holder is only compatible with smartphones that have built-in wireless charging capabilities.

RAM® X-Grip® Phone Mount with RAM-A-CAN™ II Cup Holder Base (RAP-299-3-UN7BU)

If you want to keep your windshield free from obstructions, you can opt to mount your smartphone in your vehicle’s cup holder. This mounting solution also comes with an X-Grip cradle to securely hold your phone. The soft fins on the side of the cup holder base can be trimmed to fit your vehicle’s cup holder. This solution is compatible with any vehicle cup holder that has an inside diameter range of 2.57" to 3.5".

RAM Lil Buddy™ Adhesive Mount with X-Grip® Universal Cradle (RAP-SB-180-UN7U)

RAM’s adhesive mount is a fast and easy mounting solution. The RAM Lil Buddy mounting solution features an adhesive disk that you can stick on your vehicle’s dashboard. You can stick the adhesive base on any flat surface of your vehicle. Just make sure the placement is allowed by your road laws.
You can view our wide range of mounting solutions from RAM Mounts here.

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