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Which RAM Mount Unit Holder is Compatible with Your Device?

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Have you been asking yourself which RAM Unit Holder is suitable for your phone or tablet device? Here’s a guide on the different cradles and unit holders available from RAM Mounts.


Ram Mounts is the leading manufacturer of rugged mounting solutions for various devices and applications – including phones, tablets, GPS systems, cameras, laptops, printers and many more. RAM Mounts provides an interchangeable ball and socket system as an easy mounting solution for any location and workspace.


Left: X-Grip Mount (RAM-HOL-UN7BU) with X-Grip Tether
Right: X-Grip Tablet Holder (RAM-HOL-UN9U)

The RAM Mount X-Grip is a flexible unit holder since it expands and contracts to perfectly fit your device given that its dimensions are compatible with the holder. The RAM X-Grip is suitable for phones and tablets that are 7” to 12” in size while keeping your device secured with any mounting base.

You can further secure the hold on your device with a RAM® X-Grip® Tether. The tether is used to prevent movement of your device and to give it stability and vibration control. A question frequently asked is, “When should I use a tether?”

The tether is ideal for outdoor or out-of-cockpit applications (e.g. driving at high speed on your vehicle, biking on a bumpy trail, driving on a bumpy road etc.) for further device security.

However, if you’re driving at a normal freeway, the tether is not needed anymore. Though if you would have to switch from the normal freeway to an off-road trail, it’s recommended to use a tether.

Form-Fit Cradles

RAM Apple iPhone 6 Plus Form Fitted Cradle (RAM-HOL-AP19U)

The RAM Mounts line of Form-fit Cradles is custom engineered to fit a specific device. RAM Mounts has form-fit cradles for a wide range of phone units, tablet units, GPS units, GoPro units and many more to readily compliment any device.

RAM Mounts also designs custom fit cradles that are compatible with different devices. An example is the device shown above. RAM-HOL-AP19U is also well-suited for the iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone XS Max. These form-fit cradles can easily be mounted to your vehicle with any compatible RAM arm and base.


The RAM Mounts’ IntelliSkin case range is designed for use with their GDS technology – GDS Docks and Accessories. IntelliSkin is created for rugged enterprise use with its military-grade drop protection. You can transform your consumer phone for rugged use with the IntelliSkin line of products.

IntelliSkin is specifically made for business and field applications to prevent damages on your device and to allow easy field deployment of your device.

If you have questions about which RAM Unit Holder is compatible with your device, contact support

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