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RAM Desktop Dock w/ GDS Technology™ for IntelliSkin™ Products (RAM-GDS-DOCK-D2U)

  • $101.00
    Ex. Tax: $101.00


The RAM-GDS-DOCK-D2U single Desktop Dock is a low-profile docking station for phones and small tablets equipped with an IntelliSkin™ protective case. The Desktop Dock provides USB data connectivity and charging.

RAM is setting a new standard by creating a uniform platform for making the connection between any electronic device and a dock for power and data communication. The GDS and IntelliSkin technology provide scalability as mobile electronics evolve. Enabling users to minimize expense for future electronics by its modular design and easy upgrades.
Specs & Features
    • Physical Dimensions: Width = 3", Depth = 3 5/8"
    • Height = 2", Weight = 17 ounces
    • Weight: 1.35 lbs.
    • Note: This product comes in retail packaging. Micro USB 2.0 cable included with purchase. mUSB products supporting USB 2.0/3.0 will have a max current of 1.5A

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